State of the Grey // Part Two

As always, welcome. There have been a few revisions to the site, and I wanted to take the time this week to fill you in on the changes. As such, this week is sort of a break from the more writing advice / general essay content. By the way, if you liked a certain topic, or want to hear about something in particular, reach out. I’d love to hear it.

If you navigate to Metachromatic, you’ll notice I’ve updated the page a bit. For one, I added a title card. I thought it was hard to tell where you were on Monochromatic, so hopefully this will go a long ways towards making it more transparent. I also added a photo of myself that links to the contact page. I want to be more accessible to you readers. I also added my Twitter feed and a newsletter form. These are ways to find out what is happening with myself and Monochromatic on a quicker basis.

Of course, my Twitter feed is updated a few times a day, and is a great way to see what I’m up to, what interests me online, or to get in contact.

I send out newsletters (nearly) every Sunday. They start off with a post from me, some information on the site and new posts, as well as some curated content from around the web. This is an easy digest to get caught up on Monochromatic, especially if you want to get the brief form once-weekly. 

On the last edition of Monochromatic Aberration (the title of the newsletter) I announced and unveiled a new section for the site: Poetry. I love poetry, and its ability to capture and detail moments and other parts of life better than any other medium. Check it out, and see what fascinates me with the world. See if I can put you in the moment.

Given all these new pages and content, the update schedule has changed slightly. Now, the posts will come as follows: 

Sunday: Newsletter
Monday: Poem #1
Tuesday: Story #1
Wednesday: Metachromatic Post
Thursday: Story #2
Friday: New Photos
Saturday: Poem #2

That’s right, there’s new content every day of the week. I have put a lot of effort into this site and the writing posted, so please enjoy. Sign up for the newsletter here, and never miss a transmission. 

Your faithful commander,
 — Ian Battaglia