I’m back. It has been a long time since I updated my poor platform in any way. Time to fix that.

I went to Copenhagen, Denmark which looks like this:

I gaffed a film that looks like this: 

And I learned a lot, and I am better for these experiences. But that doesn’t mean anything if I don’t know how to articulate that. After all, wasn’t that the point of setting this whole thing up? (It was.)

So what’s changed? Well, there’s been a few more revisions to the look and feel of the site if you’ve poked around at all. The short fiction and metachromatic pages are have been revamped and revitalized, making them more beautiful and functional than ever before. I also added a hub page for the photography section, so you aren’t dropped right into 35mm. I wanted to add title cards for a long time, just to make it more apparent where you are on the website. This has been accomplished.

I’m also updating the posting schedule. Metachromatic is no longer a Wednesday only thing, as you can probably tell from this Friday post. I was away for so long, I started to dread making a new post. How would I account for the lapse in correspondence? What could make it worth it? Of course, nothing could. But my anxiety of posting, coupled with the strict schedule I imposed on myself made me wary of posting on a day other than Wednesday. That’s far too limiting, especially for a blog. How could a discourse be established only one day a week?

My goal from here on out with this section is to use it more like a conventional blog. I want to post when I have something to say, not arbitrarily based on a schedule. And we have much to discuss.

Of course, the short stories, poetry and photography are coming back full force. Starting with a photo essay about Denmark, and a story about data. I hope you’re as excited as I am! Glad to be back. 

Your faithful commander,
 - Ian Battaglia