A small collection of some wholesome things on the internet.

 Charlie Day in  'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'

Charlie Day in 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'

Can we talk about the mail? Let's talk about the mail. I've been dying to talk about the mail.

Like every writer with a website these days, I have a newsletter. It's called monochromatic aberration. Initially, that was what I wanted to call this website, before deciding it was too long. Not as memorable. The kids need something catchy, these days.

In photography, chromatic aberration is when the spectrum of light "fringes" out at the edge of an object or frame due to imperfections in the glass. The rainbow of visible light is actually being split due to the prism, in a non-uniform way. That's these color outlines you see. A monochromatic aberration would be the separation in greyscale, a splitting out of light and dark.

I send out this newsletter infrequently, though I'm trying to be better about it. In a perfect world, it goes out once a week on Tuesday or Wednesday. I just sent one out this week, which you can read here.

Here's how it goes: I open with a small piece about something important to me, or something that's been on my mind. These are looser, more open essays than the ones I've been writing here before, though I'm trying to change that. I move on to a round up of the pieces I've posted on monochromatic this week, in case you missed one.

Then, and perhaps most critically, I send out a few (usually three or so) links to something cool online. There's so much cool stuff on the internet, and as always the problem is curation. How do you find what's good?

I wanted to share a few of my favorites of these here, as well as some other wholesome links I haven't shared before. There's so much material period online, so I think it's nice to share links to what we enjoy, which can be hidden away among the piles. Borges' Library of Babel, made real.

Got something that belongs here? Send me something cool you made. Send me an essay hosted on a single lost 2004 blog. Send me a mini website that catalogues wave patterns. Tell me about it. Or email me directly.

So here goes —

Guides / Lists / Collections

The Best Textbook on Every Subject - Less Wrong

Webring - Neauoire

Yoshua Wuyts - Knowledge

A Catalogue of Montaingne's Beam Inscriptions

Powerlines in Anime

Parallel Worlds

47 High Resolution Backgrounds from 'The Wind Rises'


Beetham Tower Humming



Navajo Flute in Lower Antelope Canyon

Roman Army Structure


Jon Bois - 17776

Scott Alexander - Ars Longa, Vita Brevis

Uel Aramchek - North of Reality

Essays / Articles / Documents

Let's Meet in a Dream - Murakami & Itoi

Sam Kriss - What the Caves are Telling Us

The Document Which Used to be Called the MIT Lockpicking Guide

Emptiness - A Practical Course for Meditators


How to become a(n Elder Scrolls) lore buff

Neon Genesis Evangelion Source Anthology

Websites / Misc.


The Infinite Ocean

Captain Forever

What I Talk About When I Talk About Cooking

A Photo of a Bridge on a 1920's Folding Camera




What Makes a Soldier?

Computers are Fundamentally Depressing.