Deep Sigh. – State of the Grey

5 QUIN 17

I’m sitting down at my computer. It’s 1151. I haven’t posted a new story since the end of March. I’m not sure what day it is, at least according to the MONOCAL. I just checked. It’s 5 QUIN 17.

Where’ve I been?

I’ve been busy with a lot of freelance work, trying to finish my novel by the goal I set (spoiler: I didn’t!), as well as some contract writings I had to do. But I miss this. And clearly taking a break wasn’t a successful venture, as my productivity was mostly unchanged, if less consistent. 

There has to be a balance. So here’s what I’ll do.

Starting immediately, Monochromatic is back. That means the usual: 2 stories, 1 non-fiction piece a week, coupled with infrequent new photography (I’m sitting on some really cool shots right now!) I’m making a stronger commitment to the newsletter, so get in on the ground floor here:

I still have a lot of work looming on the horizon, so if I miss a day here and there, please forgive me. The goal is not to write for writing’s sake, but to do something I feel is worthwhile, and add more stories into the void. If I’m not feeling it, I won’t post it. Simple as that.

I have added a small supplementary site, Console, under that subdomain. You can get there from here. Console is designed to be a place to house my tools and other more internal mechanisms, while still allowing them to be publicly accessible.

It is also designed to house more loose ideas, somewhere between my beloved Evernote notebook and posting on the main site. You might see some content there that takes a while in gestation to get over here, or doesn’t cross the river at all. 

And of course, it’s a playground for my amateur web development. If something is broken, let me know, but it’s my error.

I started a series of daily writings (well, 4 times a week to start) with my friend Michael. While not all of those will make it on Console, some more choice ones will. There’s a new poem from me called Smoke up there now.

Anyways, I’d like to make a post this week checking in on all my latest goals, and see how I’m doing now that we’re almost a third of the way through the year. Thanks for sticking with me, and being patient. Let’s keep rolling.

Your faithful captain,
 - Ian Battaglia