The Splash is Back.

 What you'll find at now.

What you'll find at now.

5 mins // 09HEX18

I’ve re-instituted my splash page. It’s 2018 and I have a website with a splash page. Go ahead, open in a new tab and you’ll see it in all its glory. I’ve even added some new photos for it to filter between, and if you wait long enough, you’ll see them. It’s not that I think it’s a bad splash screen; I think it’s fairly pretty. It just seems a little counter-intuitive to have put it back as the homepage. So why did I? Let’s talk about it.

When I first made monochromatic, I created a little splash screen and set it as the homepage, with links to each of the different sections. I was aware this was sort of an “old-school” design decision, especially for web development. I probably put it in because of all the time I’d spend on Devine’s website, XXIIVV, which has a splash screen with music still to this day. I admire his resolve. His website was one of the biggest influences I had in putting up a website of my own.

In fact, when I first launched monochromatic, I wasn’t really sure what it would be. I knew I wanted a way to put some of my writing online, since I hadn’t been getting published traditionally (and still haven’t!) But I didn’t know what work I would put up, or the breadth of mediums monochromatic would come to contain.


In a way, I sort of think it’s a failing of myself as an artist. I can't just pick a medium and get on with it; I want to do it all. I went to school for film and still write, shoot, edit, and work on set frequently. I write, as you know, for my website and on a manuscript. I’ve also been sending off more short fiction to literary magazines, and pitches to web outlets. And I’m a photographer, who’s been taking photos both personally and professionally for years and don’t intend to stop any time soon. So, how do I introduce myself? It depends on who I’m talking to!

I’ve been looking for new business, or different business. After working as an independent contractor for so long, I’d like to start working with local businesses to shoot promotional photos and videos on my own. How do you do that? How do you build a market from nothing? I’m not sure; but I’ve been going around to businesses and giving them my business card and discussing my services.

On my business card, I list, and I don’t assign myself a title, simply listing my name. It’s unlikely I’d hand out a card to someone who might hire me as a writer, but feasibly I could be hired as a photographer, as a video editor, as a gaffer or cinematographer, as a director, etc. So how do I encompass all those skills I’ve worked on over the years in a single website?

For now, my answer is the lowly splash page. It’s got three links right now, to my photography site (which I’ve completely overhauled, check it out!), my writing (which is my former homepage, unchanged from how it was) and cinema (which has my reel and lists what I do). So, someone who loaded up my website looking for a photographer could just click the photo link, see the work I do, and decide whether or not they want to work with me.

I have my reservations about the splash page though. It slightly goes against my minimal instinct, requiring someone to click through another page just to get to my writing or whatever. And, oddly enough, my homepage is the most viewed page on my website. Seriously, of all my traffic this year, my homepage has received 17% alone. Why is that? Who are you people who come to my website, and say ‘no thanks’? What are you looking for? I thought dumping people right into some content would make them more likely to click on an essay or whatever, which is what lead to me getting rid of the splash page in the first place. So will the cover page leap up to my most visited page soon? We’ll see, I guess.

For now, the splash is back. Take a look at it. Do you hate it? Is there a better option for me? Let me know what you think. As always, thanks for looking.


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